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These are 2 mint condition KRK Rokit 6 G2 Special Edition studio monitors. Product # - RP6G2BB-NA. I purchased them in late xxxx to mix and master a pop/electro album and they have been in their boxes, since then. I moved back to Fayetteville to finish college, but have been living in very small apartments with no room or reason to use these puppies. They were part of a very limited run to have the blue and white coloring and sound just as good as they look. I had to custom order them and am sad to see them go, but I haven't produced or had the need for studio monitors in quite some time. The sound these things produce is completely level and clean, although the dual 6" subs will shake a room if you lift the bass. These would be perfect for any recording situation or setup. The smaller Rokit 5 monitors are considered studio standard, however these larger Rokit 6 monitors have a greater dynamic range (bass and treble) giving them much more diverse application. They were $300 each brand new, but I am selling them for $150 each. These are highly desirable, because of their color scheme and rare/limited nature. They could easily be sold for more on ebay, however I am about to graduate and move overseas at the end of May and need to sell these. Hit me up with any questions. I am very responsive. Price is firm.- Joseph