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He bought the bike brand new. The day he bought it, a close friend passed away on a motorcycle and he never touched it since. Sat in a garage since xxxx. The carbs where taken off and cleaned. The air filter was quite rotted inside, so a new one will be needed. New battery installed. All of the electronics work as they should. New spark plugs. Bike does start up and runs very crisp but will not hold an idle. So will need to more fine tuned. Speedometer now shows 8 miles (short mile test to take it through the gears). The bike was sadly left with fuel in the tank (about 2 gallons) and the inside shows lots of cakey style rust. Tank does hold fuel with no leaks but will need a de rusting/ coating to be run able. Will need the brakes gone though. Clutch feels good, shifts through the gears. The garage it had sat in was not heated some most of the chrome shows pitting, and some rust on the frame. Pipes are solid. The front fender has some scratches/scuffs where something was stored on top of the fender. Again bike has only 7 miles so may just want to be a piece to look at and not ride a true rare find. Clear title. Original title from xxxx, dealers check list, even the honda tag still on the key ring. Bike is sold in as is condition. Email with questions.