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Hello meet the CA520! This is a very popular model that allows for a more laid back kind of ride. This very comfortable bike comes with 7 speeds and is equipped with a 750 watt electric frictionless hub motor that will allow a rider of 170lbs to go a max speed of 20mph for 20miles on average! Best part is that it only cost 5 cents to charge our Lithium Ion batteries to do so. A convenient thumb throttle allows the CA520 to be rode like a regular bike and then just push the throttle to engage the motor- the harder you push it the faster it goes! The battery sets on a rack over the back wheel, and it straps on by the Velcro on the battery bag that also comes with the package and is included in the listed price. The price, $xxxx.88, is the CA520 with our medium sized Lithium Ion battery-the 36v 10ah. For an additional $158.45, totaling $1,871.41, we have a larger Lithium Ion battery that can take this bike over 30 miles on one charge; also, we have SLA batteries that are much cheaper! We have a SLA 36v 9ah battery totaling $1,289.15 with the electric bike, or if you want to go a bit farther but don't want to step up to the Lithium Ion, you can get the SLA 36v 12ah for $1,331.76 with the electric bike! The main thing you want to consider when deciding which battery is right for you is that the Lithium Ion batteries will last xxxx + charges when the SLA batteries will last 250 + charges. Our Lithium Ion batteries are covered under a 2 year warranty! Come check out our website for more information or give us a call at (501)650-xxxx. You can always check out our website for more bikes and info at pride in Your E-ride; Think Green! The first picture is the bike, the second picture is the frictionless rear hub motor, and the third picture is the thumb throttle.